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James I. O'Neill Top 10

O’Neill’s Top 10 were honored by the Board of Education on June 3, 2021. 

The top ten in order:

1. Claire Kobylski, valedictorian
2. Jacqueline Evangelista,  salutatorian
3. Marie Gregory 
4. Ella Collins 
5. Adelaide Crow 
6. Isabel Lima 
7. Natalie Pushlar 
8. Abigail Bellocchio
9. Justus Crow 
10. Amy Albertson

Pictured here are a few who were able to pose with Mrs. Haberman, Dr. Tejedor and Dr. Sheboy.

Top 10
Abigail Crow, Justus Crow, Jacqueline Evangelista, Claire Kobylski

Top 10
Amy Albertsons, Ella Collins, Isabel Lima, Natalie Pushlar